Editorial vision for Anykščiai RS'19
Dear friend,
I'm extremely happy to announce that the call for Media Team members is finally out!

The session will take place in Anykščiai ( a small yet cozy Lithuanian city) from the 21th to the 24th of August and will include a CJO training for the Officials, one day of Teambuilding, one day of Committee Work and one day devoted to the General Assembly.

As the session's Editress I'm looking for 1 videography Editorial Assistant and 5 motivated journalists to join me at Anykščiai Regional Session of EYP Lithuania.

I also came up with main areas to focus on during the session, which go as follows:
Personal safe space
As the Editress of the session I will help the Media team members do not feel overwhelmed or overly controlled. It can be done by giving them some free time and respecting their boundaries. I would like to implement the idea of individual meetings to talk to MTMs and know how they feel and do they want to change anything. I'll make sure to find an individual approach towards each MTM in order to help them feel confident within and outside their team.

I see Anykščiai as a place to be yourself.
Inter-team cooperation
I want all the officials to cooperate closely before and during the session. It can be done through joint evening activities and pre-session introductions. I believe it's important for the participants to feel welcomed and comfortable among all the teams and as the leadership of the session I'm completely ready to develop the idea and come up with completely new ways of introductions/activities.

I see Anykščiai as a place to create and experiment.
Effective learning environment
As the Editress I'll provide media team members with a fun yet effective learning environment to let they discover themselves, learn more about technical skills, and engage in the modules in the entertaining environment.

I see Anykščiai as a place to learn.
Comprehensive support and open communication
I want Anykščiai RS to be a safe platform designed to develop and maintain every single participating individual. I think it's important to get a constructive feedback throughout the development of media work instead of getting it only at the end of then. I am also ready to contribute to all officials' well-being through small talks and separate modules.

I see Anykščiai as a place to grow.
Freedom of action
I want to add creative value to the event and impact session participants. That's why I'll make sure to give journos a chance to be creative and implement all the projects they have in mind. Besides, I want the Editorial team to provide journalists with the space to shape the session and implement their creative ideas, turning them into reality. I don't want to prioritize standards over creativity. In the result we'll have an outstanding media output and cozy environment.

I see Anykščiai as a place to create.

© Looking forward to reading your applications!

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